BreakAway Lodges Blog

BreakAway Lodges Blog has been set up to keep our Owners and Guests informed of what is going on in and around the area of our self catering holiday properties.  We will endeavour to keep this up to date as regularly as possible.  

There are 3 categories which have been set up for your information and these are latest news, new cottages and regional updates.

Tom's Lodge

6th November 2021
Tom’s Lodge is an eco self catering house which therefore does not require central heating. The house has been designed to maximise the natural sunlight due to being south facing. The clay wall opposite the glass sliding doors absorbs and retains the heat from the sun rays. The log burner is the main source of heat within the lodge and the ceiling...

Battle of Cromdale

23rd April 2021
The rout of the Jacobite army on the Haughs of Cromdale, early on the morning of the 1st of May, 1690, heralded the end of the first Jacobite war. While the Union of the Crowns in 1603 laid the basis for peace between England and Scotland, continual strife led to civil wars. With the death of King Charles II in...
Highland Archaeological Services Limited An archaeological metal detecting survey was carried out in advance of the insertion of a buried electricity cable at Berry Cottage, The Haughs, Cromdale. The site is located in the far northwest edge of the main designated battlefield area at Cromdale (BTL20). The work included a Desk-based Assessment followed by a systematic metal-detecting survey in advance of...

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