Luxury Holidays Lodges (With Dogs!)

Scotland Travel Blog September, 2020


Holidays for the whole family


For a lot of us, taking a holiday doesn't feel complete if we can't bring along our dogs. Planning around non-dog-friendly accommodation, long journeys and the lack of activity and facilities for pets can often force us to leave our four-legged friends at home or skip the holiday entirely.

However, with our options limited at the moment in terms of holiday destinations and travelling abroad, I'd like to take some time to promote the great Scottish staycation. 

Why spend hundreds on flights and accommodation when Scotland is right on your door-step. With our luxury dog-friendly cottages and holiday rentals, you can spend some time in one of the most beautiful and unique areas in the world; explore the Highlands and treat your entire family, furry friends included, with a fantastic escape. 

Holiday close to home

Stunning scenery

Loch-side lounges, coastal retreats and highland holidays are all waiting for you. 

Scotland is unlike any other country; areas of outstanding natural beauty, from green fields to beautiful beaches, all waiting for you and your pets, and all just a short journey away.

It's no exaggeration to say that you could throw a dart at a map of the Highlands and hit somewhere unique and amazing to visit. You can see the many lochs that are world-renowned for their beauty, such as Loch Lomond or Loch Ness. Or, explore the Cairngorms National Park and walk the trails alongside the rivers that span the country. The best part of it is, you can enjoy all of this accompanied by your dogs! 

Dog on holiday

Less travel and more savings

Travelling can be difficult for pets, especially long-distance or via plane. So why bother?

Renting a beautiful holiday home in some of the nicest areas of Scotland means no more flights, no more organising visas and no more money exchanging. Just fill up your tank or hop on a train for a short, comfortable journey for you and your pawed pals. If you're driving, this also lets you pack how you want, explore where you want and not have to be constricted by schedules.

While perfect for pets, there is also the benefit of removing all the hassle from travelling abroad. Baggage allowances, language barriers and jet lag are all things you won't even have to think about. Just you and your pets enjoying being a tourist in your own country.

Pet-friendly activities

If your primary concern is keeping your pet happy and active, there's no better place than Scotland. 

You don't need fancy hotel swimming pools to enjoy a swim with your pet. You could stay in loch or riverside holiday cottages giving you immediate access to water.

You can also choose to relax with your pets and fish the day away; the river Spey is a fishing spot known around the world, so pick a spot and settle down with your dogs to enjoy the classic Scottish pastime. 

Or go for a walk! It sounds like a simple suggestion but why visit somewhere as breathtaking as Scotland without seeing the sights. Both you and your dogs will love the new environments. You could walk through the national park, surrounded by nature or wildlife, or wander around the local villages and town, closer to the tea and doggy-treats.

Comfortable, relaxing accommodation 

With our holiday cottages, you can avoid chain hotels or lack-lustre city centre hostels, all of which often don't allow pets. 

Our self-catering properties that are loved and cared for by their owners offer you the privacy, freedom and safe space to make a good trip a great one. While you'll be sacrificing room service, you can gain the experience of staying in central locations or on the shore of lochs, all with the companionship of your pets.

Everything you and your pet need will be there for you. Rather than a cramped hotel room, you can stay in a holiday home with every amenity; some even offer enclosed gardens for your dogs to run about it when you're not exploring Scotland.

Dog and owner on beach

So there you have it, my argument for spending your next holiday closer to home. If I've convinced you into thinking about Scotland for your next trip with your four-legged friends, take a look at our luxury pet-friendly cottages. 

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